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Subsurface Microbial Ecosystems

Course Name: Subsurface Microbial Ecosystems (地下微生物生態系統)

Department: College of Science Graduate Institute of Geosciences

Instructor: Li-Hung Lin

Course No.: 224 U2210

Credits: 2

Full/Half Yr.: Half

Required/Elective: Elective

Time: Thursday 56


Remarks: Max. students allowed: 20.

Course Discription:
    The objective of this course is to provide an overview for microbial ecosystems in both terrestrial and oceanic subsurface environments.

    The course will cover microbial essentials, biomass distribution, geological constraint, geochemical regulation (aqueous and gas geochemistry), energetic requirement, microbial metabolism and activity, elemental cycling, molecular technique, sedimentary ecosystem, igneous ecosystem, subseafloor ecosystem, gas hydrate and gas seep ecosystem, geothermal and hydrothermal ecosystems, astrobiology.

Subsurface microbiology and biogeochemistry, editors: Fredrickson, J. K. and Fletcher, M., John Wiley & Sons, 341p.
Geomicrobiology: Interactions between microbes and minerals, editors: Banfield, J. F. and Nealson, K. H., Reviews in Mineralogy, v.35, 448p.
Geomicrobilogy 3rd ed., Ehrlich, H. L., Dekker Press, 719p.
Biodiversity of microbial life, editors: Staley, J. T. and Reysenbach, A.-L., John Wiley & Sons, 552p.
10 selected papers

Participation 40%, presentation 30% and homework 30%

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